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Dr. Papalazarou has been a dietitian since 1996 and has his own private, clinical practice in Athens, Greece.

He specializes in weight management and his approach to weight control focuses on cognitive behavioural modification techniques as opposed to a model of following a strict diet. Being Greek, he believes in the great value of the Mediterranean diet/lifestyle, values of which he tries to pass on to his clients as well.

He is a spokesperson for brands that are aligned with his nutrition philosophy. He frequently makes guest appearances on TV and radio and writes articles for print and web media. He is also the co-host of “Beautiful Life” a weekly, TV health show that airs on Skaitv channel, on the top 3 rated channels on private greek television.

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Our philosophy

Behavioral modification for Permanent Resuts

Recent studies have revealed that 9 out 10 individuals who manage to lose weight, gain it back in the next 5 years.  How is the remainder 1 out of 10 succeeding in his/her goal?

Our approach is based on identifying these «smart» behaviors in order to achieve weight loss and more importantly maintain it. 

We need to break old bad habits that drift us towards hyperphagia and replace them with new healthier ones applying modern scientific tools such as self-monitoring, targeting, and self-evaluation.


There is a special program designed only for your specific needs

Weight Loss and Maintenance

We create a personalized diet program considering food intolerances and preferences....

Gastrointestinal Disorders

We provide support services to clients who experience gastrointestinal disorders...


We offer nutritional treatment for people with Type I and Type II Diabetes...

Cardiovascular Diseases

We also assist in the prevention and nutritional treatment of Atherosclerosis...

Pregnancy & Lactation

Weight control and nutritional support is a concern for many women...

Childhood obesity

Poor nutrition can lead to a variety of problems in children...

Distant SessionS

We can provide all our consultation sessions through Skype/viber/messanger...

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Dr Papalazarou is an excellent professional. I lost 75 pounds and I keep them, almost all of them for more than 15 years.
My diet plan was based on Mediterranean diet and it was easy to be followed. However, the most important part of the therapy, was the modification of my thoughts and behaviors on foods. That change helps me to maintain the weight loss.

Efi Kotsidou

My first contact with a dietician was with Dr Papalazarou more than 20 years ago.  and his advice to my ears is still right now.
I lost almost 55 pounds without any pressure and his advice  still rings in my ears.  Many thanks!!!

Gerasimos Papachristopoulos

I have lost 60 pounds till now and I am still going. Simply the best.

Ioanna Grypari


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